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Wellspring Healing, LLC

Audra Genduso, MA, LMHC, LMT


My Approach

Every person is unique, and I believe  therapy should honor the uniqueness of every person. I am most passionate about working with couples to help them develop secure functioning in their relationship. To me, this means having a "soft place to land" where couples learn to be "experts" on each other and how to show up as caring, empathetic humans, instead of placing blame. I am also passionate about working with people who have experienced trauma, adversity, domestic violence, and relational wounding. When we have experienced these difficulties, many times it feels like our power has been taken away, and we can feel lonely, abandoned, "not enough," worthless, and ashamed.


Utilizing Sandplay, we can often concretize unconscious and implicit beliefs and move through feelings of overwhelm to a more empowered state. 

EMDR is another process oriented way of collaborating. We will first develop a plan of creating a sense of safety, both through the therapeutic alliance as well as within a somatic and sensory path. Together, we create a plan to address feelings, memories, and beliefs which may be affecting your current functioning and ability to enjoy life.

I help my clients find more joy, balance, and fulfillment in their lives using an experiential approach. We may use EMDR, EFT and PACT for couples, mindfulness, somatic awareness, or Sandplay to address underlying and often implicit beliefs. My therapeutic style is compassionate, present, engaged, trauma informed, and rooted in attachment theory.

Having 20 years of experience in the field of bodywork, I bring a holistic understanding of the impact of trauma and how it may land in the body.



Light and Shadow


Image by Fabrizio Chiagano

Trauma constantly confronts us with our fragility and with man’s inhumanity to man but also with our extraordinary resilience.

Bessel Van Der Kolk


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